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Yes. Regular service to your garage door greatly improves longevity, performance and helps to prevent break downs. It is recommended your garage door is serviced once a year. Click hear for a “Garage Door Service Coupon” 

Torsion springs are a counterbalance for your garage door. When you lift the door manually or with your operator the springs are what really are taking all the weight.

Depends on the weight. Heavier hurricane or wood doors need two sometimes four springs. Lighter doors sometimes only need one.

You should always do all the springs at the same time. Springs have a cycle rating and when that cycle rating is up, your springs will break. Since all the springs on your door have the same amount of use, they usually break around the same time of each other.

Depends on your ability. It is very dangerous and there is allot to know in order to do it correctly, but if your a do-it-yourselfer, we can help. Call today for torsion spring pricing.

Most the time a service will smooth out your door and make it quieter. How your door sounds has to do with the condition of your rollers, springs, tracks and the type of garage door opener currently being used. Belt drives are better than chain drives.

On the inside of your garage door there should be reinforcements screwed to the door itself. Also there should be a sticker somewhere on the door with “pressure ratings”, this will give you the load it is rated for. Impact Rated garage doors are the new standard, be sure to look for “Large Missile Impact Rated” on the sticker or plans for the garage door.

A strong one. In Florida we have building codes and the strength needed varies from region to region. On this coast, absolute minimum is 138 mph/non-impact. Codes change every couple of years and we like to stay ahead  of the curve by only installing 180 mph/large missile impact rated garage doors or better.

Any time the door won’t go down, the first thing you check are the infrared safety eyes. Most usually have colored L.E.D.s on them to indicate that they are working. Start with cleaning off the little lens then make sure they are pointing at each other. If this doesn’t work, it could mean a problem with the wiring or the eyes are bad.

If the operator is not turning on, check that it is getting power. If it is coming on and simply can’t lift the door, it may just need a service performed to get it working again. Sometimes though, it means your torsion spring is broke. Your torsion spring is located above the garage door, if it has a three inch gap in it, it is broke. Give us a call we can have it fixed in no time.

Sometimes we can take dents out, but usually they are there to stay. Many times however, we can replace a panel or two in your garage door. We always offer free on-site estimates, call now 239-338-8070.

Your garage door springs are attached to your door via cables. When one of these cables comes off, it will through the door out of its tracks. Sometimes bad rollers can cause this, sometimes something was in the garage doors way and sometimes it is just a hiccup in the operation of the door. Call us today for a free on-site estimate, 239-338-8070.

Yes, garage doors and garage screen doors both need maintenance performed annually. We have specials for a basic service and will go through the entire door/screen.

  • Regular Service

    Performing a regular service to your garage door annually drastically reduces break downs. Your garage door and opener are machines that need to be tuned and maintained regularly. The cost for a basic tune up and safety check is minimal, especially when compared to the cost of using worn out components again and again.

    When we perform a tune up, we go over the entire door and opener. We will check for and fix;

    • Loose nuts and bolts
    • Broken hinges
    • Worn out rollers
    • Adjust tracks
    • Adjust Springs
    • inspect/grease torsion spring cable system
    • Grease gears and sprockets
    • Tighten and check all wire connections
    • Insure the garage door and operator are in safe working condition
  • Installation

    When you call On Track Doors you will never have to worry about dealing with a pushy salesman only a fully trained service technician. We only hire the best Lee County has to offer. All of our techs are back ground checked and trained. Call today for a free estimate performed by one of our friendly and professional service technicians 1-239-338-8070.

  • Professional Maintenance Package

    any oil or lubrication for your door
    check all hardware for wear and tear
    adjustments to tracks and rollers
    most importantly, we check for safe operation balance of garage door
    full service to operator.

  • Money Back Guarantee

    We provide a variety of services for you. All of our services come with a 100% money back satisfaction guarantee.

Your Garage Door

Garage Door Springs are loaded with extreme tension and can cause serious injury or death, never attempt to adjust, let us handle it for you.

Openers and Garage Doors

Many times your garage door or opener can be repaired at an affordable price. All our trucks are equipped with a full line of replacement parts for every make and model allowing us to offer you conveniant, same day service and repair at an excellent price. Estimates are always free.


This is one of those jobs better left to a service professional. Overhead door springs hold a lot of tension and can seriously injure or even kill you. Garage door springs come in all different sizes, some last a couple of years and some last ten years. When we replace a spring we can upgrade most since we carry a huge assortment on all trucks. We have the experience to replace your springs in a safe and efficient matter, call today for a free estimate.


The cables on your garage door are connected to the springs through the drums and torsion bar, cables are always under tension and should only be replaced by a trained service professional. It is important to have these inspected for breaks or warn spots. A broken cable will jamb a door in it’s tracks offering a dangerous situation for anyone standing near by.


Garage door tracks hold the door to the wall in high wind situations and also hold all the weight of the garage door when it is overhead. When a door is changed out or reinforced so should be the tracks, a door that is too heavy for the tracks can cause unnecessary wear, require frequent service and become a costly repair! It is also important to have the tracks properly maintained, lubricated and adjusted annually for proper function.


Just like the tires on your vehicle, rollers on your garage door wear out and need to be changed. This is what takes the most wear on your garage door. If your rollers are worn or falling apart, make sure to replace them with rollers that can handle the load of your garage door. Most of the ones on the web or at the box stores are light duty, if you have a hurricane door or a double door you need heavy duty rollers. Be sure to inspect these annually and service them too.


Garage doors and operators have hard to find bearings and bushings that need service. These need to be maintained to maximize the life and durability of your overhead door system. Most torsion bar systems have three main bearings, one in the middle (sometimes a bushing) and one on each end. Your operator, depending on the brand has between five and ten bushings or bearings that need regular service. Be sure to check out our tune-up special, preventive maintenance goes a long way.

What Our Customers Say

I had him replace 3 garage doors with hurricane-impact garage doors;and Im glad I trusted my intuition and used him to do the job. He was more than fair pricewise and his crew work was excellent. It was a pleasure doing business with him ;which is not an easy thing to say about contractors down here in Florida.He treats you like a customer.Your in good hands doing business with him.

Had the spring snap on my garage door. Called a few other companies that couldn’t make it out for over 5 days.
Wade came out the next day and door was fixed in 30 mins. Fair price, honest guy … would highly recommend.

I called at 7:15am this morning.  They were here at 7:30am!  Doesn’t get any better than that.  Gentleman was very nice, very professional, interacted with my children who were I’m sure adding time to his job by answering their questions.  Job was complete and he was done by 8:00am.  VERY IMPRESSED.  Will use On Track again in the future.

I would highly recommend On Track Doors. My garage door was off the track in the up position and was ready to fall down. They arrived and fixed the garage door within an hour and a half. Super service at a great price. No added fees for emergency or weekend work. Thanks!

Torsion spring snapped on my garage door, I called several places for estimates, on track doors was the least expensive by over 50 dollars. Wade was the person who fixed my door, he is a very pleasant and very knowledgable in his craft. Springs were changed within an hour and my door works perfect. Thanks Wade, i will always use you guys and will always refer you guys to all my friends and family..

great company & honest & best prices in the cape , wade replaced the entire torsion spring system , I had him remove my 3 year old wayne Dalton system in which failed and to have D&D the original installer when I called had the balls to tell me it would cost well over $250.00 to repair the wayne Dalton torsion spring ! crazy , so whats that tell you all out there, first and most important NEVER buy a wayne Dalton garage door system , 2nd NEVER  call D&D garage door company the prices they charge are crazy , 3rd ALWAYS  call on track doors of cape coral florida  ask for wade he is straight forward kinda guy no b.s. . shows up when promised , does a excellent job and when he leaves from fixing your garage door it works as it should . with a written warranty . sorry to have go on & on here but I did my home work and called around and got the run around from all others they were all money hungry ! not on track doors, inc    thank you wade joe Thomas