Lifestyle Screen Doors

Lifestyle Screen Doors are better than a slider and more affordable than a retractable.

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Not only a screen

This is the only screen system to carry a full lifetime warranty on all parts and frame, including the retractable entry door. All labor is guaranteed for one year after date of install.

Yes, any garage door will work with this system. When the screen door is not in use, it is stored inside up and under the garage door. With the screen door inside it is fully protected from the sun and any kind of weather we may experience in Florida, unlike other systems that are stored out side.

There are locks available for the retractable entry door and the main screen door. These locks are offered by the manufacturer and offer a clean finished look.

Sizes range from 6′ wide to 18′ wide and can go up to 10′ tall. Frame colors are white, brown and Sandstone. Screen options are white privacy super screen(pet screen), Black super screen(also pet screen) and regular fiberglass screen. The super screen has a 17×20 count, keeps the no-seeums out ,is PVC coated and is almost indestructible.

Just about anybody can work the screen. There is a counterbalance system that actually lifts the screen with the operator making it easy and smooth.

Advanced Screenworks had licensed our patented technology to a company that manufactured and sold the product under the name of Breezy Living. That license agreement has since ended. Advanced Screeworks is now the sole manufacturer of this product.
Although numerous changes have been made based on the feedback from the field, the Lifestyle garage screen still functions the same. A couple of the refinements are that the frames all come precision cut and drilled, we have upgraded the center retractable door and a few other changes that have been very well received by installers and consumers alike.